We’re fortunate to work with amazing clients and colleagues

Here are a few of the nice things they’re saying about us
and our Managing Director, Kristi Plume...

Kristi keeps her reporting projects moving forward and maintains a congenial, collaborative tone to her projects while making team members feel they are genuinely valued, supported, and accountable for successful outcomes of the project. And she knows reporting and corporate social responsibility disciplines backwards and forwards, from materiality, stakeholder engagement, GRI reporting through guiding clients through strategic planning, target setting, and KPI selections.

You will never have to worry about Kristi’s professionalism – she always shows up prepared, positive, focused, and professional, and she brings these qualities to every client engagement and reporting project she works on. She is a rare professional that is highly skilled and highly relational so that she can engage clients and project teams, convey complex material, and deliver a quality work product time and again.

Carrie C.Director of Internal & External Sustainability Reporting, Newmont Mining Company Corporation – colleague

With no experience under my belt for such a project, I relied on Kristi to guide me through the steps needed to project manage, write and edit a report using the latest GRI Standards. Because of her, I was confident in approaching stakeholders to provide the data and information necessary to publish a sustainability report that’s among the first using the core GRI Standards.

With her professionalism and expertise, Kristi has been instrumental in bringing KCS to the forefront of our industry regarding sustainability reporting.

Linda W.Marketing Communications Manager/Corporate Storyteller, Kansas City Southern – Elytra Group client

As a marketing director with little experience in the sustainability world, I feel so fortunate to have secured Kristi as our sustainability consultant with the goal to significantly enhance our corporate sustainability reporting.

Kristi’s expertise, in GRI reporting and in overall sustainability best practices, is what allowed us to make the gains we did in our sustainability reporting. She held our hand, educated us, and guided us, all leading to the step-level changes we needed to accomplish in both our reporting and within our business.

I am confident that with Kristi’s strategic leadership in our sustainability program, cost savings benefits, increased institutional investor ratings, and environmental “wins” will soon follow.

Sheila D.Marketing Director, Kansas City Southern – Elytra Group client

As a team member on a project she managed last year and on a project proposal we recently put together, I have had the opportunity to interact with her extensively and feel well qualified to comment on her management skills. In short, they are excellent. She is a rock-solid professional with outstanding management skills. She keeps projects organized, focused, and on course. To say she “manages” projects is an understatement; she is a natural at leading projects. In working as a team member, I noticed the respect other team members had for her leadership role as she deftly resolved conflicts, set goals, and delegated tasks. In ways that I cannot fully articulate, she always kept the project headed in the right direction, no matter how the winds were suddenly blowing.

Dan M.Ph.D., Principal and Managing Director of Molloy & Associates, LLC – colleague

Ms. Plume is a consummate professional who seeks the input of others and moves forward with authority. The respect she commands upon first working with members of her team is inspiring and so very productive as we seek to direct people over whom we have no real authority. She accepts that extra effort is often necessary and she leads her team to approach their assignments in the same manner.

Margaret N.Proposals Manager, CB&I Environmental & Infrastructure – colleague